Elevate 2020


Event Background

Elevate 2019 was YSPN's most ambitious undertaking in its history, with 165+ attendees, 13 speakers and 20+ volunteers delivering a full day conference and dinner unpacking what sewa means in 2019, featuring some of Australia's pre-eminent professionals across industries.

We are proud to announce the official launch of Elevate 2020, #SangatOfTheFuture! Elevate 2020 promises to engage you as we explore, with our audience, what it means to be a #Sikh in 2020 in a completely interactive format. Join us in February 2020 as we seek to understand what our community's future holds for us.

Featuring some of the most decorated speakers from around the world, the Elevate 2020 will leave you inspired and motivated to effect the change we need to unlock and increase the $8.1bn Sikhs contribute to the Australian economy (source: Economic Impact of Sikhs Report, YSPN)

Why attend?

  • Hear from global leaders
  • Unparalleled networking opportunities
  • Deep dive into the dialogue of 'Sangat of the Future'
  • 'Elevate Lounge', an intimate in conversation session with our speakers
  • Gala Dinner

Watch the Elevate 2019 highlight reel and explore the 2019 Content Hub to see what to expect in 2020

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Our story as a collective begins with our migration to a new land, and establishing our roots in the community. The Migration track explores this phenomenon and how we integrate ourselves in our new environment.


Next up, we establish our eminence as a group of seasoned and well-informed professionals helping grow some of the largest and influential companies in the local landscape. We are well-represented across a cross-section of industries, experience levels and segments.


After developing our knowledge and experience skillset through working in positions across the local job market, we establish our own businesses, offering jobs, stability and community service as a key tenet of our drive along with commercial prowess.


And finally, we seek to shape and influence the national discourse, policy-making and direction to ease the transition for future generations, ensuring that our voices are equally heard and ideologies reflected in the local environment.